Traveling to Thailand are We?

If you are planning a trip to Thailand and have never been there before, all of us here at envy you. The reason is that once you get off the plane you step into a world that is just so unique, and to experience this for the first time is unforgettable.

Not to say that living in Thailand or staying long term gets boring, it never does. This of course is up to you. Of course if you are living among the rice fields of Isaan, I imagine that could be very boring. Especially if you are with the wrong company. Thailand is known for many things, from the lucrative and crazy night life which includes many famous red light districts, to the freelancers and then you have the opposite spectrum of beaches, local people and the food. Oh the food!

There is so much to do in Thailand that it would be impossible to get a real feel of the country in just one trip. In fact it takes many trips to understand the culture which is a bit of a shock to some. Thais are mostly Buddhist, and for the most part very peaceful and jovial. Some will speak english, but that is mostly prevalent in the tourist areas like Bangkok and Phuket and so on.

So whatever your trip is about, if you want to find some ladies to party with, we got you covered. Or, if you want to find a chill spot to relax, we can help you with that too.

Stay tuned for some great information and guidance so that you will have a great time in Thailand.

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